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squiz [skwiz] noun
A quick inquisitive look at something (slang from Australia & New Zealand).
e.g. Can I have a squiz at your paper?
The SquizFloats.com web site chronicles the voyage of Alan Anderson's sailboat (named Squiz) along the west coast of North America and in the Caribbean (from June 2001 to May 2004).
Warderick Wells
Warderick Wells - Headquarters for the Exuma Land & Sea Park

Using the SquizFloats Web Site — Access the six main sections of this web site by clicking on the tabs at the top of each page. Within each section, use the underlined links at the top of the left column to choose individual topics. The six main sections are:

  • Home: Introductory and overview information.
  • Log: Chronological descriptions of the voyage.
  • Map: Route maps showing where we have cruised.
  • Boat: Details about my sailboat (s/v Squiz, a 1988 Tayana 37).
  • Photos: Images of our travels (reputed to be the best part of this web site).
  • Essays: Stories, anecdotes, and poems related to sailing and cruising.