Interior - Starboard Side

Boat - Vessel Photos

The following photographs show the appearance and equipment of s/v Squiz. Click on any small image to expand see a detailed enlargement. (My sailboat's previous name, The Good Neighbor, is visible on two of the older photographs, taken before she was repainted in 2003.)

S/V Squiz sailing - front view.

S/V Squiz sailing - side view showing deck.

Cruising with the drifter.

S/V Squiz sailing - rear quarter view.

The Deck from Above

Port side looking aft.


The Big V-Berth 'Stateroom'

Starboard Salon

The Foredeck

Front Deck View

Squiz's hull looks great after her new paint job (using Awlgrip 2000).

Light breeze reaching with all three sails.