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This part of the web site is dedicated to well-written material related to cruising, sailing, or watery explorations. To read an item, click on a essay, poem, or story listed in the leftmost column.


Cruising Authors Wanted — This new "Essays" section has been created to showcase anecdotes, poems, and articles submitted by talented guest authors. If you have a sailing story to share, I would love to include your pleasing prose or poetry on this web site.

Submission Tips

I am looking for focused gems that entertain or provide insight about cruising or sailing. At this time, I have a slight preference for anecdotes or articles that relate to cruising; but, if it is well written, I am open to anything related to oceans, coasts, boating, or islands.

Submissions should be sent via email to If you have questions or a short submission, less than 2 pages of text, you can use my limited sailmail address (if you know it).

When you submit an item, please provide me with some information about the author, and/or any desired background or accessory material that you may want to accompany your writing. You can include digital images, or links to other web sites, if they will enhance your material. Let me know if you want to remain anonymous or if you want me to list you email address along with your writing.

No compensation or payment will be given for any material. The writing, like this entire web site, is only published for the joy of sharing experiences with others. If you submit material that you did not create, please have the author (copyright holder) send mail or email granting permission for me to publish the submission on my web site.

Thank You, Alan Anderson