Essay by Jill & Brent Peterson

A Day in the Life
of Sailors in Paradise

What do those sailors do all day? It must be really boring...

Tenacatita Bay, Sunny, 85 degrees, Wind 10-15 mph out of the Northwest. Today's activities...

7:30 - Coffee in the cockpit as the sun rises over the distant hills across the bay.
9:00 - Jump in the inflatable for 15-minute trip across the bay to the little village of La Manzanillo (one dirt lane main street). Shop for fresh bread, peanut butter (hard to find), tortillas, avocado, and tomatoes. Requires several stops at small shops all throughout the village.
10:30 - shopping finished, stop by the swamp at the end of town to watch 10 crocodiles "fishing" and sunning themselves.
11:00 - MAJOR EVENT: Telephone call to Tyler (Jill & Brent's son). It is amazing how wonderful it is to hear his voice, get an update concerning the goings on in his life. Boy, I sure do miss him.
11:45 - Surf takeoff in the dinghy, always an interesting event. Today the surf was pretty calm. To date I have managed to lose two pair of sunglasses, and other assorted odds and ends when the surf wins and I end up in the water. Today, no lost items and the groceries are still pretty dry.
12:15 - Pretty busy morning, take a break for lunch on the boat. Interrupted by another cruiser who is wandering about in their dinghy returning the pizza pan that we left on their boat last night at a potluck pizza/birthday cake event.
1:00 - Finally finish lunch/conversations. Back in the dinghy to go visit another boat on our way to the local beach to fill our water jugs. Discuss possible next anchorages and the possibility of crewing on their boat from Mexico to Hawaii next month.
2:00 - Survived yet another surf landing, filled three five gallon jugs with sort of clean fresh water. Water is really heavy! Drag the water jugs back to the beach. The dinghy is now overloaded. Yep, out through the surf we go. We must be living right today, a little wet but upright all the way to the boat.
3:00 - We are really overachieving today, we tidy the boat and prep for tomorrow's departure from Tenacatita Bay. Things have a way of getting a little less than shipshape after a few days...
4:00 - In the water to clean the bottom of the boat. This is an every few days event otherwise the barnacles begin to win the battle. Today isn't too bad so Brent spends a little time just swimming about (cross-training?) while Jill goes paddling in her kayak.
5:15 - Much too busy today, we shower on deck, write a few emails, start to think about dinner and discuss our departure time for tomorrow morning. Early to bed tonight for a 6 AM start tomorrow...

Another day in Paradise...