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The sailing vessel Squiz was home to Alan, Katherine, and Squiz (the cat). WallyPierre, Amy, and Mark have participated as part-time crew.

This web site (and eventually my boat) was named after Squiz: my laid back, pampered, fat ship's cat.

In February 2003 I shipped my boat to the Caribbean and decided to occasionally return to the USA to earn money. So, in order to have a reliable home, Squiz moved to s/v Dry Martini - where Jane and Jimmie are now her servants.

Alan is the boat owner, navigator, tactician, mechanic, and webmaster.

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Katherine is the principle deck monkey and sail handler, chef extrordinaire, wood refinishing guru, boat beauty, and chief of protocol.
Part-Time Crew
Amy joined us in Nuevo Vallarta for the journey to Mazatlan. She is a living encyclopedia of popular culture and a master schlepper. Beware, Amy is a bad influence on dinghies.
Wally joined us for the first ten days of the voyage, from Portland OR to Sidney BC. He returned in late August for the voyage down the northwest coast. Wally provided valuable and intelligent assistance to most aspects of our journey. His handy engineering skills resurrected our dinghy outboard from a near-death coma.
Pierre joined us in Neah Bay for the southward journey to Eureka California. His amiable demeanor and enthusiasm — for everything from standing watch in the fog to assaulting tuna with a lethal weapon — is inspirational.
Ace crew analyzing the spinnaker trim.
Mark (Alan's brother) helped Alan to sail from Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta in December of 2002. As soon as Mark gets over the strange desire to sleep at night, he will be a great sailor.