Log - 8/21/2001 to 9/7/2001
Neah Bay WA to Eureka CA (USA)

Alan (Boring Summary)
We began our southward journey from Barkley Sound on the SW side of Vancouver Island. The sail across the west entrance of the Strait of Juan de Puka to Neah Bay Washington was quite gut wrenching. During this crossing Katherine was fine but I was more seasick than any other time of my life (which was surprising after not feeling any seasickness for the previous couple months). At Neah Bay we reprovisioned and prepared the Good Neighbor for the offshore passage south (which had the potential of being the nastiest sea we may traverse in the next couple years). After our fearless crew — Pierre and Wally — arrived in Neah Bay, we set off for Newport Oregon. In Newport we relaxed with Amy and Katherine's dad (George) and brother (Michael) before proceeding south to our first California landfall in Humboldt Bay. The municipal marina in Eureka was affordable and and there was an evil gale off the coast so we tied up for eight days. During this time We rented a car, chain saw and brush cutter and traveled to Shelter Cove and cleared the undergrowth from my vacant lot on the "Lost Coast".