Photo Gallery - Sooke to Barkley Sound

Our trek up the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Barkley Sound on the SW coast of British Columbia was plagued by fog, strong headwinds, and rain. (Aug 12-22, 2001)

Sooke harbor (Southern end of Vancouver Island).

The fishermen at Sooke harbor were always happy.

Sooke fishermen hands

Katherine's incredible almond braid.

Port Alberni Yacht Club at Fleming Island

Jellies are abundant in the sheltered water and shallow bays.

A Greenpeace warrior ship, now retired.

"Kill" marks on the side of the retired Greenpeace "war" ship.

Amazing critter

Paradise, except during the rainy season.

Exploring a rugged shoreline.

A nasty storm is approaching.

Fleming Island mist

Turtle Bay in Barkley Sound

Turtle Bay mist