Photo Gallery - Turks & Caicos to the Bahamas

Photos of cruising from the Turks & Caicos to the Bahamas, March - April 2004.

South Caicos orange sunset reflections.

Friends from s/v Spirit and s/v Cool Change on Big Sand Cay.

Spiny lobsters were common in the Turks and Caicos.

In the shallow Turks and Caicos anchorages, conch had to hunker down to avoid collisions with our keel.

Tide pool leisure.

Tide pool splash.

Stocking Island (West of Georgetown, The Bahamas).

Beach botany.

Setting sun and clouds.

Terri and Katherine walking on Stocking Island beach.

Twiggy arcs.

Squiz sailing in the protected waters near Georgetown.

A traditional fast Bahamian sailboat skims over shallow water off Great Exuma.

Family Island regatta sailboats.

Family Island regatta race action.

Racing toward the windward mark.

Running downwind toward the finish line.

Surreal regatta.

Water level view of the races.

Porcine resident of Big Major's Cay.

Coral and feather duster worms.

Brain coral.

Warderick Wells - headquaters for the Exuma Land & Sea Park.

Dinghies help to push a grounded sailboat into deeper water.

Cool water level sailboat photo.

A beloved grouper.

Having fun sailing overcanvased near Shroud Cay.

Thunderball cave.

Blue grotto snorkeling.