Photo Gallery - Loreto to Midriffs

Photos of cruising from Loreto (in the central Sea of Cortez) to San Carlos and on to the Midriff islands (in the northern Sea).

Puerto Escondido panorama.

Squiz gets hosed down after her solo adventure.

San Carlos clouds.

Lacey San Carlos sunset.

Isla Salsipuedies panorama.

Blue-footed boobies.

After all these months, Squiz is still excited about cruising.

Panorama of Midriff Islands, as viewed from Isla Ventana.

Gwen & Katherine on Isla Ventana.

Isla Angel de la Guarda strata.

Alien attack.

Angel de la Guarda trees.


Este Ton cacti valley.

Katherine and dinner.

Sunrise in the Este Ton anchorage.

Bug and slug.

The first fish Katherine ever speared was a nice-sized, yummy leopard grouper.

Este Ton (on Isla Angel de la Guarda) was our favorite anchorage in the Midriff Islands.

Central Baja goes rad.