Photo Gallery - Eureka to Oceanside

Sailing down the California coast from Eureka to Oceanside was made greatly enhanced by friendships from with other southbound cruisers. (Sept 11 - Nov 3, 2001)

Actual sunshine greets us on the Santa Cruz pier.

A barge passes by at sunset.

A wonderful downwind sail to Santa Cruz in the company of s/v Loncia.

The Pillar Point marina near Half Moon Bay.

Does it taste like chicken the second time around?

A visiting birdie inspects the winch.

Squiz inspects a visiting birdie.

S/V Squiz shows her downwind color.

S/V Squiz and Loncia from above.

Sunset over bird rock off Catalina Island.

A historic tall rig ship actually trying to sail.

Bowsprit Dance

Face-off: Kat vs. Cat.

Squiz inspects the main sheet and winch.

Squiz gets so hungry she could eat Katherine's hat.

Screaming downwind at 6 knots.

My step-nephew Nick enjoys freefall.

Parked in front of the Jolly Roger restaurant in Oceanside.

My niece Athena is confused about what's up.

Our thousand dollar professional bottom paint job after 8 months.

Big boat, augmented sky.

Squiz in at the Moro Bay Yacht Club.

Loncia and Squiz anchored in Santa Cruz bay.

Squiz anchored in Fry's cove off Santa Cruz Island.

Jill and Brent sailing Loncia south along the central coast of California.

Jill and Brent in Oceanside, CA.