Photo Gallery - Summer 2003 in the USA

We spent part of the 2003 hurricane season in the USA. Images from a summer on land (June - Sept 2003) are shown below.

Portland celebrates life and summer.

Sunset ripples.

Katherine zooming in the Portland rose garden.

The popularity of kite boarding has exploded since I left the Gorge.

Kite boarder wake.

Flying kite boarder.

Keeping cool in the heat of summer.

The nude zipline is another summer sport with great possibilities.

Joyous encounter in pipes.

The Afrocelts in concert at the Portland Zoo provided a fantastic musical escape.

The Afrocelts superb fiddler.

The annual Portland Gay Parade provides good break from the often bland American mainstream.

Rainbow wave.

Intriguing winged life-form.

Ballerina shoe.

Glass art.

Bamboo bonsai.

Kid with clay.

Red roses.

Portland rose garden.

Zooming rose garden.

Flowery pleasantries.

Inspiration to get fit.

South Dakota hawk.

Hawk food.

Prairie dog

The Hot Springs mammoth excavation site.

Mammoth molars and bones.

Tootsie plays catch with Lonnie (my sister).