Photo Gallery - Oceanside to La Cruz

The real adventure began when we headed south along Baja California, into the Sea of Cortez, and crossed over to the Bay of Balderas on the Mexican mainland. (Nov 4, 2001 - Jan 5, 2002)

Bahia Santa Maria is classic, stark, northern Baja.

Katherine perfected boat-baked wheat bread just before we left the USA.

Sunset watching is a most worthy pastime.

Kat fillets a yummy albacore.

The Mexican Navy warship that decided to investigate Squiz.

A relieved Katherine after the departure of the navy boarding party.

Mushroom rock at Bahia Ballandra.

Dolphins always bring instant cheer.

Squiz tries to decide if these are new friends or breakfast.

Rounding Cabo

Sunrise at Los Frailies

Sunset over the El Magote peninsula dome (La Paz).

Jesus walking on water was child's play, compared to the talented dolphin antics.

Cacti near our El Cardonel anchorage.

These attractive beach babes abound in the Sea of Cortez.

Katherine finds peace at last in Bahia Ballandra.

A pelican comes in for an attack run on the minnows seeking shelter under Squiz.

Pelican watching provides endless amusement to simple-minded Baja cruisers.

Pelicans and cormorants resting between dives.

A giant pelican became impaled on our mast.

Yet another Kamikaze pelican hits the water.

Lava Ridge

Variation number 23,345 of nice sunsets.

Soil is an optional luxury for Baja plant life.

Life and death in Baja.

Isla Partida is an intriguing volcanic island inhabited by a variety of cacti.

Isla Partida

Visiting Dolphins