Photo Gallery - Discovery Islands (British Columbia)

The Discovery Islands are a beautiful cluster of islands and straits between northern Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland. This area includes Desolation Sound and many other scenic areas unreachable by car or ferry. (July 13-27, 2001)

Our first view of Desolation Sound.

Water lilies grow along the shore of a fine skinny-dipping lake.

Charming Canadian wildlife.

Kat goes wild.


Alan's brother Mark, nephew Ian, and Andy at Unwin lake.

Everyone should have one of these in their backyard.

Ian shows Mark how to swing.


Katherine combing her hair after a refreshing lake bath.

Oooo, awesome cheekbones.

Squiz anchored in Roscoe bay (high tide).

Lovely emerald conifer reflections.

A picture together (a rarity), in front of s/v Squiz at Prideux Haven.

Enjoying the sparkling water at Rebecca Spit.

Kat in a driftwood fort at Rebecca Spit.

Waiting for Gedot.

Trés belle.

A typically glorious view up a passage in the Discovery Islands.

Litter box duty requires the proper tools.

Katherine ties up to the best stern ring at Takerne Arm.

A glorious smooth spinnaker ride.

Glacial silt turns the water of Toba inlet an opaque green.

The mountains around Toba inlet.

A passing boat flies her asymmetrical spinnaker in the typically light mountain breeze.

The view at the entrance to Toba inlet.