Photo Gallery - Campbell River to Princess Louisa Inlet

Near the end of Jervis Inlet a narrow cut, Malibu Rapids provides boat access to a spectacular 1/2 by 5 mile long granite-walled fjord known as Princess Louisa Inlet. (July 28 - Aug 12, 2001)

Squiz enthusiastically motoring south, in the Strait of Georgia, toward Princess Louisa.

Our first view up Princess Louisa Inlet.

For Amy, who taught us everything we know about duck lips and ducks that order bar drinks.

Alan partially blocks the view of the stunning mountain cliffs that surround Princess Louisa Inlet.

Katherine (the ace chef) caught eating her favorite garbage food (unheated).

The soggy crew in front of Chatterbox Falls (PLI).

Squiz sometimes tries to be cute, but it is only a ploy to get more food.

Anchored next to Chatterbox Falls.

A couple of the hundreds of spectacular falls cascading into Princess Louisa Inlet.

Guess who, enjoys a glorious dry hour near Chatterbox Falls.

Kat in PLI.

Scenic beauty abounds in PLI.

This rain an mist usually obscured the mountains surrounding PLI.

A Hunter has a lovely spinnaker run up Jervis inlet toward PLI.

Cliffs surround PLI.

A wild Kat goes for a evening spin in the dinghy.

Drizzle and rain are the two types of PLI weather forecasts.

Looking up at some of the clouds and mountains surrounding PLI.

One of many Squiz belly poses.

The ramp used for basic fat cat jump training.

A rainy day repose.

Nature dance or a stubbed toe?

Newport (OR) Municipal Marina

Woodley Island Marina in Eureka CA