Photo Gallery - Nuevo to Mazatlan

These photos were taken during the journey from Nuevo Vallarta to Mazatlan, via Punta de Mita and Isla Isabella.

Before we left Marina Nuevo Vallarta, the dock finger next to my boat broke off.

Leaning lovelies at Punta de Mita.

The cat that ignores fish and birds decides that she likes Mexican Spicy Chili Cheetos.

Happy boats at Isla Isabella.

Baby frigate birds.

A Dr. Seuss character comes to life.

Iguanas are a good match for primal, volcanic Isabella.

Solar beauty.

The fishermen's camp on Isla Isabella.

Ubiquitous pangas on Isabella.

The fishermen's camp at Isabella has the latest sanitary facilities.

Boobie bird overlooking s/v Squiz.

Amy as sun worshiper.

Hundreds of turtles lazed around the waters northwest of Isla Isabella.

The Mazatlan anchorage and ferry dock.

You can find all sorts of fresh meat and produce at the Mazatlan central market.

A fishing boat gone astray in Mazatlan's harbor.

Lovely laughter.

Katherine jams.

Reptile love.

Haul out 1: A huge Travel-Lift pulled my boat from the water.

Haul out 2: Pressure washing the hull. Mexican boatyards provide their workers with amazingly inadequate protective clothing.

Haul out 3: The hull after washing shows how the bottom paint falls off, due to the improper application of the barrier coat and bottom paint in 1988.

Haul out 4: 13 years of bottom paint were removed with liquid stripper and scraping.

Haul out 5: After stripping the old epoxy barrier coat was sanded.

Haul out 6: Two new coats of epoxy primer were applied.

Haul out 7: Two or three coats of Hempel antifouling paint make the bottom better than new.

Haul out 8: Oops, fuzz from the carpet pads under the jack stand needs to be resanded and painted.

Haul out 9: Our propeller looks nearly new after sanding.

Haul out 10: Squiz takes one last opportunity to enjoy her riches before paying the boatyard bill.

Amy's black eye and cut after another exciting dinghy crash.